Stories About our Dogs

I remember getting my first dog, Kelly when I was about 5 or 6 years old; I even got to name her.

In my young mind, I thought Kelly was a whole new word and completely unique. I’ve learned a little more since then.

But that’s when my love for dogs started.

We had several dogs over the years I was growing up.  Duke … Sandy … Cinnamon … Jake

They were outside dogs. Mom & Dad only let them in the house once in a while (& during extreme weather).

They were mostly housebroken … maybe. We played with them outside but never really did much more with them.

Fast Foward a Few Years

After leaving home, I always wanted another dog. But that didn’t work out for many years.

Until the day I found Dakota. Agility was on my bucket list of things to do (after I got a dog).

I started us in puppy obedience training as quickly as I could and added beginning agility soon after.

Picture of Dakota
Meet Dakota

The more I started doing with him, the more I want to do with him.

He’s about two and a half now. We’re active in obedience, rally and agility. Competing and slowly advancing.

I’m always certain he’d be doing better if I was a more experienced handler. But he’s completely forgiving of my newbie blunders.

He’s also the inspiration for these pages and the entire site.

Sharing my Love for Dogs

I want to share my love of dogs with others … to continue being part of the community of dog lovers.

And share my lessons learned and help others learn how to do more with their dogs.

While this site is young, you’re going to get a lot of Dakota in these pages … but reach out and help me make this site one for all of us.

If you’ve been around the block a few times with dogs, we want your tips, tricks and stories.

If you’re brand new to doing more with your dogs … let us know what questions you need answers to.

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