Dog Lovers Learning to do More with their Dogs

If you love living with your dogs and are always looking for new ways to include them in your life … you’ve found a home here.

This site is dedicated to helping people starting into the world of doing more with their dogs. They are looking for ways to join dogs sports such as agility, dock diving, herding and more.

Maybe you are looking for places around town where you and your dog can go and spend time together. You’re looking for answers to the questions on where to go and how you should approach businesses.

You want to be a good pet parent … you want to know when your dog is well behaved. You need to know what to do when other dogs nearby are over-eager. But you might need a great resource for education and support. If this describes you, you are in the perfect place.

Dog catching a frisbee in the park.
Playing frisbee in the park.
Preparing the van for traveling with Bandit.
Preparing for Travel

Come back and check out our pages often. Look for updates, new answers to questions and share some stories of your own. Help make this a great community for all dog lovers!

Sketch of an Mini American Sheppard face.

Organizations that Support Dogs

These pages focus on organizations that love providing us with information about our dogs and how to live great lives with them. Some will focus on dogs sports, others will focus on training, others are just great sources of information. Check out the pages often for new information and updates.

Dog Sports

Agility, dock diving, herding and more. These pages will give you helpful information on the different dog sports, what they are, how to get involved, and getting started information. These pages will help answer all of those questions you didn’t know to ask or need help finding answers to.

Dogs in a dog sled race.
Dog-sledding for fun.

Dog holding a leash for a walk and story time.
Dog waiting for walk and sharing stories.


Fun, personal stories contributed by our staff and friends. Useful information that doesn’t fit in the other pages. Visit the blog for stories and more. Even more, share your stories here and help us make these pages happy times for everyone.

More Topics Coming Soon!

Come back often and check out new information including: taking Bandit around town with you, road-tripping with him, training information and more.

Nordic Walking with dog
Nordic Walking in mountains with an Akita Inu dog.

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